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Monday, March 27, 2006

hello everybody!

whee people! hows everyone.
this is xiuz if anybody was wols enough to not realise.

heyhey, i can now be official spammer of this thing? can i? provided i have the time, and im crap enough to do so;P

has everyone heard from wing? nj's funtasia' at 21st may, sunday. perhaps we can all go and playyyy. wunder whether food stalls will open though, cuz i still miss food from nj canteen. rocks. much better than those sucky ntu canteens.

know that its the crunch time for many of our girls there. hang on babes! you all can make it thru the sem in one piece! we all can~

okie la, enough of my crap, shall go zzzz. crunch time doesnt mean less sleep time i hope. =)

take care everyone!

Monday, March 20, 2006

so howz everyone?

heya so howz life guys? k im doin alrite here... jus admin work... nothin much... haha~ so gets pretty damn boring here... the onli plus point i guess is the dvds r freakin cheap here... though most are 'chiong' ones... but if u guys haf anithin in mind u would like can tell me...

so ani care to update me?