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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

hey ho the merry oh

here's ermm, an update for the class aka brudder's blog...
in a year or so, the brudders, namely jun, fab, jerry, rob, me, amir.......
will be embarking on our uni life.
quite excited about it, can't wait to go back to studying.
and hanging out with friends all day.
i'm sure the brudders feel the same way..
peace out :)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

arghhhhh yayayaya

haha wah i cant believe you all bothereed to update this blog. I noticed its only the army guys who are updating the blog. we should go back to njc sometime soon. Wah itll be quite exciting to go back there again

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

yay~ slowly back in business!!!

haha~ k this blog is gettin more updates now... courtesy of damn zhuobo guys like me, fab and dan... haha~ well i will be goin off in bout 4 hrs time to the land of smiles for crescendo... will onli be back 3 weeks later... but after i touch down i shld haf 1 week of off straight away... mayb we could like haf another gatherin of sorts... jus b4 the chinese new year... jus a suggestion... well its back to usual business for all of us... the gals all hard at muggin... haha~ all tryin to ace everything... well im sure they are all capable of doin so... as for the guys... army life is slowly but surely comin to an end soon... but since we r at it might as well enjoy it man! and wad better way to do so then go for the free overseas trips!!! haha~ (im jus consoling myself...)

happy 2006 once again! im sure it will be a wonderful year for all... after all it is the world cup year!!! haha~

p.s. Fort Minor Rulez!


whoa, is it me or does this blog look dead?
haha.. i just realised that since i'm home all day with nothing to do, i shall take the chance to SAVE this blog.
though that i doubt that anyone will stumble across this blog.
not for a really long time that is..
anyways, been a long time..
its been well, more than almost a year since me, fab and jun entered army.
not much has changed on my part. it feels like i'm wasting my life away by doing nothing.
sometimes i wish i had someone. someone to hang out all the time.
someone to talk to whenever i'm feeling down.
cos seriously, life has become somewhat lonely.
staying at home all the time. perhaps its something i had coming all along.
always saying that i needed time to get my life on track.
it was never about the time that we give ourselves.
it is the time that we have. present, past and just maybe the future.
it is the moment that defines us, not what we plan to become or try to become.