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Friday, September 16, 2005

state of affairs.

hi, wonder if anyone will read this. right, its kinda sad, i had big dreams for this blog, but its so stagnant it'll probably be fogged to prevent mosquitos growth. ha. life is going on and on, never stopping, not for me or u, for army or uni. i wonder how u guys are doing? i hope whatever it is, u have found ur own patch of happiness.

so the girls are prob having the times of their lives, and the guys too albeit in a different sense. we are all learning in our own ways, we are all so old. 1 year to our twenties! haha. i sense that i am coming a little unhinged, maybe its the late hour. i just feel strangely, strange. blame the oc, blame the army, blame whatever la.

just would like to say, hope u guys are doing great k. and if chance arise, lets meet up and talk cock sing song play mahjong..after all. we had quite a good time in jc. haha or perhaps the rose tinted contact lenses of memory distorts history. ah well, wtf.

courage is grace under pressure. so if ever sian, just relax lor. haha im not making sense anymore. if anyone reads this, haha. hi.

k bye.